Thursday, 21 March 2013

These boys I know make a lot of noise

So, there are these boys I know.

They're musicians.

Mr Keys, Mr Gheee-tar, Mr Bass Face, Mr Brass Boy and Mr Thumper.

They play music, sometimes all together, when this happens, they are called Clocks and Dice.
Sometimes in combinations of together and can be known as The Mo'villians, Swingset, Clock and Die . 

4 of them live together, yep band share house, scary right ? It gets better.

4 of them study music at University together.

Things are going so well for this band that they are playing the Lotus Palace Stage at BLUESFEST!

When I first heard that they were going to live together, play together and study together, I have to admit, I was a little worried.
Having lived in plenty of share house situations before, I could see all the ways that this could fall apart. 
It hasn't. 

These men, have bonded, shared and experienced a great deal in the last 3 months, 
away from there families and partners, they have developed a new family between themselves. 

But it's not the music that is the glue that is holding this all together. 

It is a beautiful, vibrant and brave woman. 

Mrs Bass Face.

This lady has her work cut out for her, living with 4 musicians.
She too is studying and in her spare time makes the most magnificent millinery creations.
She is the glue.

I feel pretty blessed that these people have come into my life, that they are sharing their adventures with me and that I can ride on this musical rollercoaster. 

I am especially honoured that Mrs Bass Face has offered her friendship too me; and while I am the grandma of the group, some days it feels like she is taking me under her wing and not the other way around. 

Mrs Bass Face
she is the glue.

Clocks and Dice

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