Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Feminist Tsunami

This morning as I sat at my local International Women’s Day breakfast, I felt a sense of disappointment; I was the youngest person there. Am I truly the only women of my generation in my home town, that wants to stand up and say I demand equality?

I sure hope not….

Then I consulted Facebook…ah Social Media, thank you for proving to me today why I have befriended the people I have.

Are we third wave feminists?

We are a feminist tsunami .

And we are not going away.

A lot of things infuriate me.
But nothing more than violence. Violence of any kind, but in particular violence against women.
Recently my anger about this subject was given a spark.
This spark lit a fire.

Late one night watching TEDx talks on YouTube, I came across a video by one of my favourite authors and activists, Eve Ensler. She was talking about this revolutionary uprising. A movement. One Billion Rising. Eve has been campaigning to stop violence against women for more than 15 years, this year she called us together as women and the men who love and support women, to collectively call an end to the violence, through dance.

“Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth” – Gabrielle Roth.

So together, on the 14th of February, we danced.  It was fun, it was invigorating, it was silly, it was wild, it was succulent but most importantly it was empowering and it was collective. I am so grateful to the women and MEN that rose that day, those brave enough to say NO in public.

So as I sit here on the 100th anniversary of  International Womens Day, I don’t have to wonder “Why do we need feminism?” because I know.

I need feminism because:

  • ·         When I am pissed off it does not mean I have my period,
  • ·         I don’t want my daughter to grow up thinking that she has to be a Disney princess, and wait for a prince to save her,
  • ·         Even our male politicians don’t think “women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas” – Tony Abbott,
  • ·         People still ask what rape victims were wearing,
  • ·         a person’s sexual identity does not make them any less of a woman,
  • ·         genital mutilation still occurs,
  • ·         There is no such things as girls toys and boys toys,
  • ·         I should be the only person who decides what happens with my reproductive organs,
  • ·         Embracing my femininity does not make me weak,
  • ·         Patriarchy is still a thing,
  • ·         Our society teaches “don’t GET raped” instead of “DON’T rape”,
  • ·         Music companies still produce music that degrades women and then markets it at teens,
  • ·         I should feel safe when I walk down the street,
  • ·         Being assertive does not make me a bitch,
  • ·         I am sick of being told I am too pretty to have tattoos,
  • ·         I should not have to constantly re-affirm my intelligence,
  • ·         I will wear make-up if and when I please,
  • ·         I am just as valuable as a man,
  • ·         It shouldn’t be my goal in life to find a nice man and settle down,
  • ·         Because I can only expect for my daughter what I demand for myself.
ISo why do you need Feminism ?

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