Monday, 18 March 2013

Beautiful Sights and Beautiful Sounds

Another weekend passes.
Another weekend filled with beauty and joy.
Another weekend of music and laughter.

Friday evening, sitting in a dodgy Ex-Serviceman's Club,
I was overcome with aural indulgence.
With The Idea of North, pleasuring my ears for several hours.
I have to admit I was completely captivated for the entire show.
Now, this may not sound like a surprising Friday night, and it shouldn't have been,
but this is not the type of music I usually enjoy, yet I was glad I talked my way in the door,
or in the words of the gentleman that escorted me:

"I am glad that you made me ask you to come with me, I had a great time"

Saturday after lunch, Miss L, JD and I met up with Shan-nay-nay and did a little horse riding,
before heading off to M'Ville for and overnight get-away.
Our getaway included a little bout of Roller Derby between the
Northern Rivers Roller Derby League and Toowoomba City Rollers,
a brief visit to Whian Whian Falls and some local market shopping.

I just adore spending my weekends in such good company and having such great adventures.

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