Monday, 25 March 2013

Steal some covers, share some skin.

What does Sunday morning look like?

Some Sundays for me look like noise and yelling and bouncing and requests for cartoons and cereal and toast. These are Mum-Sundays. I can usually wrangle cuddles and kisses before dragging myself into the world to function as a parent. Most Sundays with my little people are spent in parks or by waterholes making and having adventures with our notebooks, pencils and cameras.

Other Sundays I wake late and alone, in indulgent solitude. These are the Sundays that are mine.
They usually involve cleaning and buying groceries and all the boring "grown-up" tasks that life throws my way * sadface *

Then there are your Sundays. They usually follow late nights at gigs. They are slow and decadent. Submerged in the gentleness of your arms. These Sunday mornings seem to linger on for hours and I don't mind at all. Stealing covers and sharing skin, the most blissful Sundays I know.

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