Friday, 8 March 2013

Big Chairs, Blythe and Brownies.

Today basically; can't get better.

Late last eve my wonderful brother and his amazing wife gave birth.
A beautiful new human is now in our lives, his name is Thomas.
I feel so blessed, I have never experienced the joy of being an aunty before.
But so far, it feels just like being a mum, but with out the nappies and sleepless nights:)

This morning we went to visit young Thomas and no one could pry him from Miss L's arms.
he is simply perfect.
Aunty L, Miss L and baby Thomas

This afternoon JD had a Pirate Party to attend.
We dressed him up and dropped him off.
He was very excited to be attending a birthday party for the first time.
First Mate JD

Then Miss L and I took ourselves to the Art Gallery for an afternoon tea date.
Here we were joined by Mr G.
There was tea and milkshakes,
brownies and Blythe dolls,
chasing and chairs,
my idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon.

Miss L, Mr G and afternoon tea.

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