Friday, 24 May 2013

Rain = Sleep

It's raining.

I don't mind too much.

My drive from home to the hippy hills was slow,
the over cautious driving too slow and the idiots driving too fast.

But once here however I felt an instant sense of warmth and comfort.
I soaked up the smell of lavender and Ralph Lauren, it smelt like him and
I felt at home.

There is chatting in the kitchen down the hall, all music talk, of course,
and sharing assignment marks and grades.
There is a fire in the living room, defrosting weary travellers of the Clocks and Dice First Wives/why do we still work in G-town Bypass. And I have been invited to join for a movie viewing.

But I am snuggled on the Mr's bed listening to the rain on the window
and pondering what rainy day activities we will engage in tomorrow.
And right now sleeping is pretty high on the agenda.
Time to work off some of the sleep debt I have earned in the last few weeks.
It won't hurt at all to be wrapped up in a safe, gentle pair of arms either.

Viva la weekend.

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