Saturday, 3 August 2013

Cooking without Gas

Last Sunday, while talking to my kids in their "Story Room" aka the library/toy room, 
we heard an explosive POP and shattering of glass. 

The Mr and I raced to see what had happened and found this in the kitchen: 

Needless to say I was shaken and my mind full of the what if's ?
On any other Sunday I would have been standing in front of it cooking dinner 
at the time this happened, the kids would have been coming and going to talk to me 
while they awaited dinner, it could have been much worse. 

Thankfully that was not the case, the Mr had distracted us and we were all safe. 
The Mr helped me clean up the shards of glass and he calmed my nerves.

So one week on, I am still waiting for the new glass to be fitted  but I had a strong desire to bake 
lunch box treats.
The bake muesli bars !

So tasty!

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