Saturday, 3 August 2013

Adventures in the Gazbus Part 1

We have had a busy week.
Work has been hectic.
The Mr had 2 gigs.
But on Wednesday he bought a new van aka The Gazbus, replacing the Garavan.

This called for a celebratory road trip.
We headed off down the Pacific Highway on Friday evening with a plan to see a band and
and spend the night with our sweet friend Gemma Grace.
The band was average and we were home sharing cups of tea, slice and laughs before 10.30pm.
We settled in and snuggled up on the futon in Miss Gemma's spare room.

We woke late Saturday morning, to glorious sunshine blazing through the matchstick blinds.
Slow lazy weekends are just my favourite.
Eventually motivated enough by our growling bellies we started our day.
Miss Gemma had left us a love note, with several instructions and a suggestion for breakfast.

We headed to Beachwood Cafe for the most divine Dutch Pancakes and Scrambled Eggs.
Owner Sevtap was serving fresh squeezed mandarin juice.....made from mandarin's that Gemma had delivered directly from Mo'Ville!

We wandered the streets and them meandered home, taking the scenic route via the ferry.
Such an indulgent Saturday Morning, I feel revived.

Condensation - Are you breathing heavy ?

Dutch Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Coffee and Poppies = Beachwood Bliss

Love is finding a person that is your kind of crazy.

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