Sunday, 7 July 2013

Music soothes the savage beast.

I am pretty sure that when William Congreve coined the original version of this phase in 1697, he probably hadn't anticipated it carrying through the centuries.

A road trip discussion this evening made my mind tick over and my spotify account go nuts.

Why do we love the music we love?

I listen to a lot of music, and I am not embarrassed to say my CD collection includes everything from Brittany Spears to Pantera, Martha and the Vandellas to Black Sabbath and Johnny Cash to Nirvana.

All these performers have made it into the collection because at some point in time their music spoke to my heart; they said something meaningful,  they made me feel a certain way, or made me STOP feeling a certain way.

The general consensus of the discussion was that I like music because of the belief that the artist has in their delivery of the song, and not necessarily their skill as a musician, basically all they have to do is convince me that they mean what they are saying.
Needless to say, this doesn't go down to well with the Mr, being a musician, he is all about the skill and the talent. He doesn't seem to understand that I am happy to listen to Donita Sparks wail about being fast and frightening, because damn it I wanna be fast and frightening too or that Billy Corgan brings tears to my eyes when he sings Beautiful or that when the Yeah Yeah Yeah's sing MAPS, I have felt how Karen O feels about Angus.

I use music to pick me up when I am depressed, I use music to rage when there is not other way to get the anger out, I use music to motivate me when I exercise because I feel like a champion when I jog in time to the track, I use music to calm me down if I am feeling hypo-manic. Basically there is not a time in my life that music does not have a role.

My dream would be if I could have a constant soundtrack to my life, played loud on a boom box that is being carried by Eric Erlandson*, so everyone else knew what I was feeling at any given moment.

Basically if I am listening to Shit List, you probably need to leave me alone..... well you get the picture.

*I figure Eric has been Courtney's bitch for long enough, he needs a new master.

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