Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Deep Thinking, Gentle Feeling.

I think a lot.
Too much.
I ponder and analyse.
I break down and reconstruct.

Today I thought about connections.
The threads that join us.
The needles that bring us together to start with.

My circle of friends is so richly woven.
One person, connecting me to the next.
Under and over and in-between.
Drawn together by food, music, humour and Bryan Adams.

Today I enjoyed my morning chai,
with my best friend and my boy.
A trio that was delicately stitched together
one night back in September 2012.

It was my besties first night on the
town in a long while and I was celebrating the
absence of my ex-husband and his birthday.
We went to catch a band we had heard all about
but never actually heard play.

We gathered our already intricately connected
groups of friends together and hit the pub.
We drank and danced
and were exposed to some interpretative dance.

It wasn't long before I was captivated.
Behind a microphone with nice piece of brass
in his left hand, was a boy.
A tall, rather good looking, smiling boy.

Now as girls do, I mentioned to my bestie
that I thought Brass Boy was attractive.
Her response was something along the lines of
" I've known him for years, he's not your type"

Never the less the thread had passed through the needle.
I threw it across the room at him.
It hit, but didn't stick.
I received a quiet invitation to a gig the following night.

With some struggle, nervousness, and awkwardness
we ended up hanging out.
He and I quickly developed a friendship, he really made me laugh,
this shocked bestie and others.

She was right, that bestie of mine.
He wasn't my type at all.
He was nice!
Gentle, caring, nurturing, understanding and amazing.

Our threads had crossed, then crossed back over again.
Each day our paths are drawn closer together
and our threads are making beautiful patterns
on the fabric of our souls.

The connections in my life
amaze me more every day.

Me and He - Bluesfest 2013

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