Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mother's Day

I like Mother's Day.

It's nice to feel celebrated by the people who love you, in a way that is very different from a birthday.

Today I was lucky enough to celebrate my day with my mother and the little people that call me mumma.

We lunched ant my brothers house where he and his wife prepared an awesome feast complete with a 2 tiered chocolate cake.

I was spoilt by my children with beautiful hand made gifts. JD made me a magnet with his photo on it, a beautiful egg carton and "crystal" ring and a grasshead.
Lillian with the financial support of Aunty Lisa, bought me a pot plant ( a succulent), some beautiful resin earrings and a jar of candy.
Now expecting that they would receive no assistance from they father and anticipating no gift at all, I purchased my self a bath robe and at lunch nanny produced a gift bag for L& JD to give me, unbeknownst to me she had added chocolates, a cup and saucer and some body lotion.

But the highlight of the day was Miss L " Aunty Lisa, I know you don't have any kids, but you a special to us" :tear:

I feel truly blessed that I have such a wonderful mother, a beautiful sister in law and amazing children.

I love you guys so much

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