Saturday, 13 November 2010

Interesting Things

After a busy morning doing a photo shoot with the gorgeous little Bailey.
I returned home and we decided the pack up the car and take a trip to a little village about 30 minutes away.
Nymboida was just a blip on the map until last year when Russell Crowe decided to buy the local pub and build himself a museum.
"The Museum of Interesting Things" is really just a place for Russ to store is excess wardrobe I am sure, with most of the "interesting things" being costumes and props from his movies.
And obviously Russ only has a small garage at home because he has park a half dozen of his personal motorcycles at the museum too.
But there is something a little bit special about this museum,
something a little bit personal, you see, my dad is a car man...... no that is an understatement, he is a car NUT, you see my dad owns a Robinson Jaguar, it is his pride and joy, I don't know a lot about cars, but I know I like this one, it's red and it's shiny !
The kids were very excited to see "Poppy's Racing Car"
although Lillian was reluctant to have her photo taken with it
(she was distracted my the mannequins in the stage coach, after we had just explained the process of taxidermy and the giant horses pulling Russ's Gladiator Carriage, she was a bit concerned that the people had been taxidermed too ! )

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