Friday, 5 November 2010

100 Stars !!!

Miss Lilli has been working on her star chart all year.
She earnt stars for good manners and for helping others,
for setting the table and clearing up after dinner, tidying her room,
helping pack her school bag each preschool day,
and other efforts she made throughout the year both large and small
Her self determined goal was 100 stars, her self determined reward, Seaworld.
Well last week, Lilli made it to 100 stars,
and not a parent to go back on my word
and wanting to give her the reward in a timely manner
i booked in to take a flex day and we took
Miss Lilli and Mstr JD to Seaworld yesterday
and i don't really know who had the most fun ...... i think it was ... me :)
I took ALOT ( 281 ) of photos and of course
i can't show them all here, so here are a brief selection from the day.

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