Thursday, 28 January 2010

Lisa's Most Desired

A Majacraft Millie Spinning Wheel
( obviously no-one is going to fork out the money required to purchase a new wheel, but some donations would be appreciated and i PROMISE i will sell the Ashford Traveller if i have a Millie)
Ewe Give Me the Knits Gift Voucher or Custom Dye-Up
A Tangled Yarns Gift Voucher
A Spun Out Fibre Store Gift Voucher or some Maude and Me Fibre
A Custom Made "LoveStamp" necklace or bracelet
with an inspirational quote and my kids names
or anything delish from L'Occitane
Hint Hint family!!!!!!! it is my birthday soon, order now to avoid the rush !!
Ok i hope that helps with inspiration


  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I can do two things from the list although one of them isnt on the list but is related..heheh I shall listen to your hints my darling friend.

  2. dude this is for my family not my friends, they know me better than my family !1!!