Sunday, 31 January 2010

Annie Turns 18 !

DH's cousin Rhiann turned 18 this week so you know what that means - yep - PARTY and in the usual family style, it's not a party til everyone hula-hoops - with very special thanks to Dani who is the Hula Master for showing us all her moves and letting us all have a go :)
Dani the Hula Master showing us her stuff!!
Auntie Caz
Rhiann - The Birthday Girl
Rae (SIL)
and even the husbeast had a shot at hula !


  1. This made me smile - and also made me feel nostalgic for Mackay with the green grass all the way out to the gutter (I know, weird... but our grass is crappy)

  2. :) i love being a country girl !