Thursday, 6 June 2013

It's a Roller-coaster some weeks

Its been an odd kind of week for me.
An emotional rollercoaster.

I was blessed, having my Mr home from uni all week.
Having his love and  his company on tap and live was beautiful.
We went to the cinema to watch movies,
had lunch, and shared family meals.
We lazed around and talked for hours,
we laughed long and richly,
we watched Origin Football with his mates,
and basically had a fantastic time.
My happiness was reaffirmed when Miss L
said to me one morning
"Mum, I heard you and G laughing last night,
I like it when you are happy"

However the immersion in happiness soon wore off.
Mr Ex called to tell me, his grandma had passed away.
I was saddened by the passing of a beautiful lady
I knew as a Grandmother for 10years.
Today as her family fared her well.
I stood  in the background,
silently supporting my babies from afar.
The difficulty of not being part of a family
you were once part of.
I watch with deep sorrow in my heart
as my children each placed a rose
on their Great Grandmother coffin.
I don't think JD fully understood what was happening,
Miss L on the other hand, was quiet and sullen.
Managing their grief by loving and supporting
them is my top priority right now.

The highs and the lows seem to be getting to me.
I am tried beyond belief.
I slept soundly on the Mr's lounge for an hour today.
To rest and to escape the world.
I am weary again and can feel the pillows calling my name.

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