Sunday, 10 July 2011

when inconsiderate people ruin your therapy

Things in my world are moving along slowly and I, with the help of my therapist
are gently moulding me into a stronger human being.
We are walking in baby steps, but they are defiantly forward... well they were until Saturday.

My mother, knowing that it was a weekend I didn't have my kids, and knowing that this is a particularly difficult thing for me to cope with, decided to take me to the next town over to look at a quilt and art exhibition, clearly she knows me well.

Creativity = Awesome distraction for Lisa

We wandered around admiring the unbelievable talent from members of our community.

Under Water 3d Embroidery

Vintage Braids

Felted 3d Fairygarden

My FAVOURITE 1930's flowers.

Until, I turned the corner of the next aisle of work...
I stopped
Vomit rose up in my throat
I was nauseous
There were no words
Just 10 weeks of feelings welling up inside me
10 weeks of working HARD to get well again

there hanging on display for all the Valley to see...

hanging there like nothing had changed
how could someone be so inconsiderate
to think that it would be OK to hang such a personal item
on public display.
And an item no less that represented a union that was now
past crisis point, past recovery point
just plain past.

I am thinking of passing on my next therapy account........

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