Saturday, 10 July 2010

Still here just busy

Wow, possibly my longest hiatus from my beloved blog.
But rest assured, i have be busily crafting away :)
I have been spinning - like this delisious black, yellow, orange, pink combo

And this squaoohalisiousness from The Bird and the Fish < 3 you Jo xxx
And knitting too, i finally finished my Ishbel, i made an error on section D :(
you can't really tell when it;s on so i left it that way,
happy to get it off the needles and onto my neck :)
The stunning yarn for this project was purchased from my
bestest friend Courtney at The Inner Stitch the colourway is called " the Writer"


  1. Welcome back!!
    Spinning looks awesome as does your Ishbel. I've attempted her a number of times and it's never worked out for me ;-( Yours looks great though!

  2. Hey Bec- there is an errata to the pattern - it mmakes ALL the differance TRUST ME LOL