Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Girls weekend the Pictures

Oh how i love a weekend away with my knit girls and yes we really did knit on our weekend away
First stop Tangled Yarns to visit the beautiful Kel and stock up on supplies, i <3>

This is my Ouch face, while getting my new tattoo on my back, silly Lisa wore a dress to the tattooist, lucky for me "corpse" had a great sense of humour and was happy to tattoo me in my granny knickers or out of them so he said ....

Chantel looking a little lost and dejected as we await breakfast and 11am on saturday

Jayd being as gorgeous as ever

Vonnie - try wiping the smile off her face - 3 days no kids = bliss

Vonnie happily displaying her choc filled eggs

B munching on a delicious Caramel Slice

My mouth watering Chocolate and Raisin Brownie

The girls admiring the treats at Joclyn's Pastiserie

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