Monday, 23 November 2009

My Place and Yours

i have been waiting to play with Pip for a few weeks and this weeks theme was what i needed to get a kick start.

my colection is of vintage books, i heart vintage books, i love that other people have felt the texture of the pages, smelt the printing ink and consumed the words long before i was even born


  1. I see the Blue Book!! I love books too, and we own many both new and old.

    I played along for the first time this week too.

  2. It's sad when really old books get thrown out to Op Shops and the like. Lucky there are a few of us collecting them. A lovely collection.

  3. Vintage books are a wonderful thing to collect and preserve for the future. Gotta say I had a laugh at your About Me ....knitting is not for grannies !!! But i get that from my hubby if he catches me crocheting....comes in with a comment like "when did you turn 90?"

  4. Oh I love old books - love how they smell!