Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Picture a Day - Day 5

My dad collects old stuff, he tells people that's why he has my mum, he also thinks he is a funny man, his sense of humour is very dry and he is very subtle in his wit, you often don't know you have been offended until much later, he is also a man of mono-emotion, he's never said "i love you" and his hugs are brief and stiff.
It has taken me a long time to develop my relationship with my father, i asked him when he was driving me to my wedding ceremony to tell everyone in he speach that he loved me, when the time came to deliver his speach he said " Lisa has asked me to tell you all that i love her, i think she is clever enough to already know that and that i think she is OK and that she has made an goos selection in Glenn as a husband". We now have a quiet understanding i know that he loves me, he will probably never say it, but i tell him often i love him and often force a hug out of him :)
Todays pictures are a relections and just a glimpse into my fathers bizzare collection of old wares
Swords and Walking Sticks - should always be stored side by side

Shaving Stand complete with brush - in the background a stoneware boiler

Stunning etched glass and hand painted Lamp

and one of my favorites - an old Singer Sewing Machine

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