Sunday, 17 May 2009

What's inside the bag....

Inspired by Courtney's inside my handbag post i thought i would let a little of my soul show, after all a woman's life is in her handbag.

Then i realised the last place i went was stitch and bitch, when i go there i take my "basket" rather than my "bag" coz i can get more stuff in it. Now there really isn't much soul bareing here because suprise, suprise - it's all fibre related :)

My beautiful basket which Husbeast bought for me at the Macadamia Castle (near Byron Bay)
Yes i am carrying easter eggs around - still, these were from my little bro.

Mmmmmmm..... fibre...........(FO's and FIP (fibre in process)

My drop spindle - with some delicious Ixchel Bunny Angorino on it

and finally my keys and purse - i never leave the house with out either of these - love my little Yoda keyring :)


  1. Love the wallet - that's cute!

  2. i love it too - it has a very sad story that comes along with it however - the short version is on Feb 21 2008 "someones/s" broken into our garage, stole all the stuff out of my including my wallet and a whole $10 in change, prescriptions sunnies cds etc, etc then they took our cloth nappies off the clothesline under the house put them in the laudry basket and lit them on fire....... Luckily hubby is a light sleeper he stirred and looked out the window and could see the reflection of the fire flickering on the handrail and race dwon stairs to put it out...needless to say if hubby was a deep sleeper none of us would be here today. The walllet was the replacement which was bought with our insurance payout