Thursday, 22 January 2009

Dancing with Wool

i finally get a chance to blog it - i spent the last weekend (17-18) in sydney learning to spin art yarns with wooldancer - it was a such a delicious experiance i only wish it coul dhave lasted longer - many thanks to the other beuatiful women who i shared this weekend with including wooldancer, jungle, handspunmum and knittydoll.

there are big things on the horizon for me creativly as you will soon see, i feel like life needs to take a new direction, things are stale and stilted. i was once a bit of a self help book nut and one of my favorite authors was SARK and since the weekend i have had a revelation related to one of her statements - "do what you love and the money will follow" - i am so focussed on mortgage repayments, day care fees, bills. food and fuel that i feel like i am losing myself - why is the money so important? why can't we just be?

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  1. HI- I found your blog from Ravelry!

    I love what you wrote in this entry- I am going through similar times-and am hoping one day to also be able to sell what I create.
    Not quite yet for me- but I am sending lots of great vibes for you to have an abundance of positive energy for your new pathway to unfold just as you need!

    While we are not wealthy by today's standard of living in our family, we do pretty good. I have learned that money is just energy. If I worry about it or try to hold on too tightly it doesn't work, it creates what I percieve as "lack" . But if I just let it go and let its' energy bless us and know there is always 'enough' (which I have seen proof of in my own life and use it to remind myself), there is, amazingly, always enough! ( and yes, I am working on my abundance issues! lol)

    I love SARK!
    (Eat mangoes naked in the bathtub!
    When I first read this I had rarely even seen, let alone tasted, a mango, but knew I loved that idea! )
    I am going to go dig out my SARK books and start rereading them, it might be the inspiration I need to take time for being silly and FUN and find that life won't fall apart.
    Thank you for such an insightful sharing of your life.